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Hi, I'm JenT and I want to help you create presentations that get you the results you’re looking for, without the frustration of trying to create them yourself

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I believe everyone can learn how to be an engaging presenter and facilitate in ways that leave people wanting more

Jen (JenT) is an International Award-Winning Presentation Coach. Her passion developed through a crippling fear of public speaking. She had always been a lover of transformation, but it wasn’t until JenT faced her biggest fear of learning the art of public speaking that she found her core passion and mission.

“My passion is helping people have their message seen, heard and felt by their audience” JenT (the founder) is a Master NLP practitioner, Master Hypnotist, Transformation Speaker, Master Facilitator, and more that helps creates a rapid change in her clients' confidence and video communication.

After years of working in the public speaking training arena, she recognised that there is a huge difference between presenting on stage to presenting to camera. The fear is different, the hesitation is different, and the strategy is completely different.

JenT has taken over 20+ years of experience, countless hours, and thousands of clients to master the tools and techniques to teach simple ways of creating greater levels of connection through video.

During JenT’s experience, she has developed group online training, bespoke corporate training, and one on one coaching to help businesses create webinars, video content, online programs and become masters of presenting on stage in a way that connects with a multi-faceted style of communication.

Her mission is to help 10,000 business owners grow their business by creating engaging video content and presentations.

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We’re specialists in helping people in the professional services industry, such as Lawyers, Bookkeepers and Accountants.

It’s so important for professionals to be able to get their message across to leads so that they can clearly see how you can help them, to customers so that they know what you’re doing and build trust with them in a simple and easy to understand way.

The Process

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Deliver your presentation and see it connect, and watch as your audience takes action and get results from your effort.